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It’s time again for us to have our say – with complete anonymity using our traditional ANONYMOUS SURVEY.

As in other Reunion years, we’re collecting information, data and trends about activities, health, emotions and well-being for analysis -- and maybe we’ll even reveal a few aspects of our inner and outer lives that we don't want told above our signatures!

As before, log-in requires your Wellesley Alumnae usernames and passwords. Forgotten them? Call the Alumnae Office at (781) 283-2331, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 4:30pm EDT. Leave a message, or try Scott Gordon, the tech consultant at 781.283.3417; email: sgordon2@wellesley.edu.

When you’ve logged in, please click the button below to share your information, thoughts, and opinions!

PLEASE NOTE: TO GUARANTEE ANONYMITY, YOU MUST TAKE THE SURVEY IN A SINGLE SESSION! If you can’t complete it at one sitting, then just close website WITHOUT hitting "SUBMIT”. When you have time to do the whole thing, you can log in again, sit down and let us hear from you. Most people complete it in a little more than an hour.

Please take the survey by May 1 so your answers are included in the analysis ofall class members’ responses.

We hope everyone will re-visit then for 100% participation and for other announcements as we get ready togather at Tower Court on June 7, 8, and 9thfor ourSTILL GOLD -- 50 AFTER reunion.

Questions about participation in the Survey? Problems finding computer access? Before April 5th please contact Sally Roe Merrill at , or . After April 5th, contatct Rosellen (Roz) Engstrom Monter either by email (rosellenmonter@gmail.com) or phone(847-256-4585).



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